About Jude

Hi I'm Jude,
 I lost my son Adam to cancer and lost another baby via a miscarriage 6 years later, for years I pushed on with life, trying to make the best of life for me and my other 2 sons (both Rainbow babies).
 In 2016 I had a resurgence of my grief, but I discovered a way to let go of my trauma, pain and sadness which I'd buried for so many years and truly found a way to move forward with my life and I now have a stronger connection with Adam than when I used to spend hours sitting by his grave, desperately trying to feel close to him.
 Since then I wrote a book "Sadness to Sunshine" empowering you to transform your life and be happy again, I have been the guide to other bereaved parents empowering them to rebuild their lives and find a deeper connection with their child and it's my mission to help as many bereaved parents do this, so please get in touch and find out how I can help you or someone you care about who has lost a child.

 Helen says...                                                                                     "I found Jude and trusted her empathy & the techniques she uses to help me get my life back. She's worked with me and I can honestly say she has given me not only my life back, but hope and love too".

 It`s seeing the transformation in those who I've supported & guided on their journey through grief and the impact it's had within their lives, not just for them but their partners, their children and others who are special to them.

 You may be thinking "she can't help me" I will never be able to let go of my pain, it's part of me... it may have worked for others, but I'm different... most of my clients have felt like this at the start, but have been so glad they trusted me and I hope you will too.

 I`d love to have a chat with you, to find out more about you and your child and explore if you feel working together could be the right thing for you, so click the button below and let's have a chat.

  If don't feel ready to talk with me just yet, then please join my         Facebook group, where I share resources and my latest offers and let's get to know each other there.

Jude Hill is an UK based author and leading voice in the field of ‘Life after loss’ using a transformational Energy technique and her four C’s model, she empowers you to move from Sadness to Sunshine.

Her book, Sadness to Sunshine, a compassionate guide for bereaved parents; Empowering you to transform your life and be happy again  is available to buy or you are able to sponsor a copy for Just £10 which will then be given FREE to a bereaved parent via various bereavement Charities and Hospices etc... 

Bereavement coach

Author, Speaker and Mentor

Sadness to Sunshine for Bereaved parents

Jude’s book is such a support to parents who have lost a child and don't know how to move their life forward.

Jude's own experiences of child loss and the ability to come out the other side has given her the knowledge and skills to show the way forward; from sadness to sunshine.

She understands that your memories will never fade, but moving on is something this book can help parents with. Sadness To Sunshine is written from the heart and also provides a practical way to see the sun rise once again.

Emily Hughes    Number Savvy Numerology

Amazing Book for Bereaved Parents taking them from Sadness to Sunshine

This book has touched my soul and I would fully recommend it.

The path of Energy healing really can help you move through your grief and into the Sunshine. I loved how you explained how to Care, Communicate, Connect and ultimately Create a ‘new normal’.

Kam Winchester

recovering from grief child loss

Jude speaks from her heart, the connection she creates with her audience is natural and effortless.

 Her 4 C's method is simple yet effective. She is a warm, authentic & sensitive speaker who shares her own story honestly in order to inspire others to move from ‘Sadness to Sunshine’.

Samantha Selby    The Birth Healer 

warm, authentic & sensitive speaker life after loss, sadness to sunshine

Jude is a warm, friendly and heartfelt speaker.

I've seen her talk on a few occasions now on this touching but difficult subject, and it's easy to feel how much this sad time in her life has helped her to want to help others that have been through a similar situation. I take my hat off to her, out of adversity has come her strength

Sara Fox       The Feel Good Business Woman

grief recovery, bereavement

Jude is a real ray of sunshine to parents who have suffered the trauma & grief of losing a child, especially after having first-hand experience of her own personal bereavement when she lost her son.

Jude not only offers support through this difficult ordeal, but is also able to reach out to many more people as the author of her recently published book: “ Sadness to Sunshine.” 
Having worked with Jude & experienced the mentoring process she uses to help bereaved parents on their healing journey, I was amazed at how powerful her work is & how it can enable you to move on to living a more positive & fulfilled life leaving the pain & sadness of trauma & grief behind. 
Thank you so much Jude for introducing me to your magic, I would definitely recommend that you should try it out for yourself.

Cherie Bennett 

She is a total inspiration and talented lady.

Jude has been working with her social media business for a number of years, she has decided to give it all up to run full time with her new business 'Sadness To Sunshine' helping people who have lost a child.

She herself lost her little boy to cancer a number of years ago and thought she had dealt with the grief, but she realised this was not the case and through addressing her own grief she is now helping others to resolve these painful losses. This work is very brave and not an easy field to pursue, and it would have been so much easier for her to carry on with the business she had established. She has started again, from scratch and is gaining traction, written a book and is out there doing this fabulous and much needed work. 

Aly Harrold        Public speaking coach

It’s an amazing therapy, try it out you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you, Jude for my Energy session. You left me feeling free from the blocks that I had described to you, I felt tired in the evening and after an early night, I awoke feeling rested and energised. I checked in with the sway to see if I was still feeling good and I certainly am. If anyone hasn’t spoken to Jude about this amazing therapy, try it out you won’t be disappointed!