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Sadness to Sunshine, a Compassionate guide for bereaved parents.

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This book has touched my soul and I would fully recommend it after having 6 miscarriages.

The path of Energy healing really can help you move through your grief and into the Sunshine. I loved how you explained how to Care, Communicate, Connect and ultimately Create a ‘new normal’.

Amazing Book for Bereaved Parents taking them from Sadness to Sunshine

Kam Winchester

I would definitely recommend Jude`s book!

I’ve only got through 5 chapters and already feeling much more positive about life and the future, something I never thought I would say, I still have the bad days but smiling a lot more and enjoying time out with my other half, instead of not really wanting to go out and do things... I know in my heart that my son wouldn’t want me to be miserable for the rest of my life, so i intend to make the most of it, as I know he is always watching over me and his dad and wanting the best for us...

Bereaved parent

Vanessa Harrison

Jude’s book is such a support to parents who have lost a child and don't know how to move their life forward.


Jude's own experiences of child loss and the ability to come out the other side has given her the knowledge and skills to show the way forward; from sadness to sunshine.

She understands that your memories will never fade, but moving on is something this book can help parents with.

Sadness To Sunshine is written from the heart and also provides a practical way to see the sun rise once again. 

Sadness to Sunshine for Bereaved parents

Emily Hughes
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book for bereaved parents to help them through their grief journey
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Jude is a real ray of sunshine to parents who have suffered the trauma & grief of losing a child, especially after having first-hand experience of her own personal bereavement when she lost her son.

Jude not only offers support through this difficult ordeal, but is also able to reach out to many more people as the author of her recently published book: “ Sadness to Sunshine.” 
Having worked with Jude & experienced the mentoring process she uses to help bereaved parents on their healing journey, I was amazed at how powerful her work is & how it can enable you to move on to living a more positive & fulfilled life leaving the pain & sadness of trauma & grief behind. 
Thank you so much Jude for introducing me to your magic, I would definitely recommend that you should try it out for yourself.

Cherie Bennett