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 Find peace after loss  Online Workshop

on either 17th or 20th October.

Discover how to move towards acceptance and find an inner peace,
 so you can be truly happy within yourself.

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On  the workshop we will cover:

  • Understanding your journey through grief and how you can reduce your pain.
  • The importance of caring for yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • How to release your negative thoughts, feelings & memories and transform them into positive ones.
  • Learn a simple 5 step process to help you manage your thoughts and feelings and build a greater resilience.
  • How to get more connected to your child, have them acknowledged, honoured, treasured and build your Soul connection with them.
  • Discover the energy dynamics of relationships, so you can improve your relationship with your partner, other children, family & friends.
  • How you can get the 'old you’ back, feel optimistic for the future, find acceptance and an inner peace so you can be truly happy within yourself.
  • Discover the next steps to take so that you can enjoy life more and bring love and joy back in your life.
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Jude is a real ray of sunshine to parents who have suffered the trauma & grief of losing a child, especially after having first-hand experience of her own personal bereavement when she lost her son. 
Jude not only offers support through this difficult ordeal, but is also able to reach out to many more people as the author of her recently published book: “ Sadness to Sunshine.” 
Having worked with Jude & experienced the mentoring process she uses to help bereaved parents on their healing journey, I was amazed at how powerful her work is & how it can enable you to move on to living a more positive & fulfilled life leaving the pain & sadness of trauma & grief behind. 
Thank you so much Jude for introducing me to your magic, I would definitely recommend that you should try it out for yourself.

Cherie Bennett

Content of the workshop is the same, just pick the date which suits you best.

Join me on

Wednesday October 17th    

     10.30 am - 3.30 pm UK BST       

                                               5.30am - 10.30am  EDT                                         

6.30 pm - 11.30pm PDT

     3.30 am - 8.30am  MDT      

Join me on 

Saturday October 20th  

 5 pm  - 10 pm UK BST  

12 pm - 5 pm  EDT 

9 am  - 2 pm PDT

      10 am - 3 pm  MDT      

If you have any questions then please email Jude@SadnesstoSunshine.com

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I found Jude Hill and I have trusted her empathy of her loss, and the technique she uses to help me get my life back. She's worked with me and I can honestly say she has given me, not only my life back but hope and love back too.

I had so many barriers up around the trauma that happened, I had shut everyone out so I couldn't get hurt more. My surviving twin son didn't have the mother he needed and it caused so many problems with him, and between us, especially the older he got. We came to blows (literally), and it was so bad we ended up in court and he wasn't part of our family anymore.

The traumas, stress and loss of my son at the birth triggered my Fibromyalgia too, I was such a mess, not only emotionally and mentally, but I was in constant physical pain too and really didn’t want to be here any longer. The pain and guilt from it all was just too much, I was so sad and dead inside.

I found Jude and she has been a part of my journey to recovery.

Helen Jones

What if you really can't make either of the workshops?

Join Free the next 7 day Guided Journey into healing, starts Monday 22nd October, take Your 1st Steps into Understanding and Moving through Your Grief.

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Discover the 5 steps of the simple self-help technique I work with, applying this to empowering you to change how you think and feel about your loss and how it's affecting the rest of your life.

7 day journey for bereaved parents to avoid needing counselling in Kent

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