7 day guided journey into healing for Bereaved Parents

Join this 7 day Guided Journey into healing, take your 1st steps into understanding and moving through your grief. 

 I would love you to join me on this journey into healing, as a bereaved parent myself, I lost my son Adam aged 4 1/2 to Cancer & 6 years later suffered a miscarriage at 13 weeks.

Everyone's grief  journey is personal & unique but we share many common thoughts and feelings. 

I`d love you to join me and make sense of some of the things you are thinking and feeling and gain some practical tips in how you can start to move through your grief, yet feel more connected with your child and bring some joy back into your life, even if you don't feel that is possible .

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next 7 day journey starts Monday  10th June 2019
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Are you struggling with everyday life after the loss of your child?                                          Do you feel you are just existing and running your life on autopilot?                                                              Are you tired of wearing a mask and trying to pretend you are ok?

Do you find it difficult to deal with all the emotions you are feeling?                               (Guilt, Anger, Sadness, Anxiety, Worry etc...) and feel like you are living life on an emotional roller coaster and can't get off! 

Are you worried about losing connection with the child you have lost?  Maybe friends and family don't talk about them anymore or don't acknowledge their birthday etc...

Are Relationships with your Partner, other family members and close friends suffering? Find out how you could deal with your relationships in a different way.

Do you worry that your grief makes you a lesser parent to your living children?            Discover way a different way to deal with your grief, so you can be a better mum to your other children.

Maybe you feel you have no purpose in life ?  Find out how to regain your energy and motivation for life.

I want to let you know that you're not alone, I have been through these feelings but have moved through my grief & have helped many others move through their grief and into the Sunshine.

Bereaved parents moving through their grief after miscarriage stillbirth and childloss

I would love you to Join me for this FREE online 7 day Guided Journey into healing, enabling you to take your 1st steps into understanding and moving through your grief.

In these 7 days you will : 

  • Gain an understanding of how grief affects you and Discover practical tools to help you cope with life without your child
  • Learn a process which can allow you to release negative feelings of guilt, anger, worry, sadness etc...
  • Find a way of connecting more deeply with the child you have lost
  • Understand how important Communication and Connection is within your Relationships and how to understand the Energy dynamics & the languages of love within your relationships 
  • Have a way of getting unstuck and be able to start moving forward with your life
  • Regain a sense of hope for the future and find a sense of purpose again

You will receive a daily email with a video covering the theme for the day, I show you how you can change how you think and feel about losing your child and give you some practical tips to help you cope with how you are feeling and share a 5 step process you can use to let go of the negative thoughts & feelings you may be holding onto  and how you can release negative emotions when you may be triggered by a person or a situation.

In the 7 days we will cover:

Day 1 : Understanding Grief and my 4 C's solution for coping with loss

Day 2: Looking after yourself Physically

Day 3: How your thoughts and beliefs affect how you cope with grief

Day 4: Practical tools for Managing your emotions

Day 5: Learning how to build a deeper connection with the child you have lost

Day 6: Managing your Relationships when dealing with grief 

Day 7: Finding hope for the future and the next steps