Learn how to thrive and not just survive

Thrive not just survive after childloss grief bereaved parents mourning counselling grief counselling

Register below for the Free Online experience this Wednesday 24th July at 1pm BST (UK time).

Come and join me in this safe space and discover how you can begin to rebuild your life:

My aim for this training is to show you that there is a different way to move through your grief

The loss we have all faced is unimaginable to most...
and that's why our friends & family often don't know how to support us, we don't even know what we want - apart from our child back of course!
Although you can not physically have your child back, this is something you must learn to accept for your own well-being, you can still feel connected to your child in your heart and soul whenever you choose. 
I can honestly say that I feel closer to Adam now almost 27 years on than in those early months and years.

We will look at how your energy is affected by the trauma of losing your child, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I want to show you there is a way forward and you can thrive after your loss and not just simply survive, pushing on through life rather than truly living life.