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Are you a bereaved parent or someone trying to support a friend or family member who has lost a child?

My name is Jude and I lost my son Adam, aged just 4 years old to cancer and 6 years later had a miscarriage at 13 weeks , so I have been where you are now.

However, I have turned my life around and now I empower bereaved parents just like you to transform your lives and be happy again, bringing sunshine back into your life!

I am passionate about helping parents through their grief journey after the Loss of their precious child.

You may be thinking that you can't imagine ever feeling better and may believe that no-one can help you move forward with your life,
Maybe you have tried counselling or other therapies but feel like nothing has really made any difference!
Possibly talking about it just opened up the wounds and actually made you feel worse than before you sought help.

I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be like that!

The energy psychology technique I work with helps you shift your energy around your loss, in a simple practical way, changing things for you on an energetic, physiological & psychological level.

I believe shifting the energy is the missing piece of the puzzle and this is vital if you want lasting change.

Why work with me?

  • I have experienced what you have, transformed my life & found Sunshine again and this is what I want for you.
  • I use a powerful process where you will experience huge shifts in how you think and feel, empowering you to move forward with your life.
  • You can achieve a transformation and change your life, without needing to go for years of counselling.
  • Be able to release painful emotions, transform what you think and feel about your loss without going through years of therapy.
  • Have improved relationships with your partner, friends and family.
  • Be able to have a positive outlook for the future.
  • Have a way to deal with negative emotions whenever they surface and be able to cope when people say something hurtful about your loss.
  • Be able to enjoy life more with your other children.
  • Feel inner peace, despite the trauma of losing your child.
  • Be able to once again enjoy special days and holiday times like Christmas.

I work with parents who have lost a child (of any age) in a variety of ways, depending on your needs, so book a Free call with me to discuss what might be best for you. 

Here's what some of my Clients say...

grief recovery, bereavement

Jude is a real ray of sunshine to parents who have suffered the trauma & grief of losing a childespecially after having first-hand experience of her own personal bereavement when she lost her son.

Jude not only offers support through this difficult ordeal, but is also able to reach out to many more people as the author of her recently published book: “ Sadness to Sunshine.”
Having worked with Jude & experienced the mentoring process she uses to help bereaved parents on their healing journey, I was amazed at how powerful her work is & how it can enable you to move on to living a more positive & fulfilled life leaving the pain & sadness of trauma & grief behind. 
Thank you so much Jude for introducing me to your magic, I would definitely recommend that you should try it out for yourself.

Cherie Bennett 

It’s an amazing therapy, try it out you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you, Jude for my EAM session. You left me feeling free from the blocks that I had described to you, I felt tired in the evening and after an early night, I awoke feeling rested and energised. I checked in with the sway to see if I was still feeling good and I certainly am. If anyone hasn’t spoken to Jude about EAM, it’s an amazing therapy, try it out you won’t be disappointed!  

Juli​e Jeffery

90 Minute   1-1 Session


We’ll work together in this session, to transform any physical, mental, emotional or energetic experience you have right now.  

So that you can find a place of peace, calm and happiness despite whatever is happening around you.

This is to release any resistances you have and enable you to create a shift in your life!

This session will be conducted via Zoom video link or in person within a 30 mile radius of Rochester Kent.

To Book Email: Jude@Sadnesstosunsine.com

VIP Day 4-5hr
1-1 Session

£350 via Zoom or £450 in person

The opportunity to work 121 for an intensive 4-5 hour session. No two days are the same, because they are focused on you. We will let go of those “hidden” things which have held you back .

You never leave a session feeling the same.

 The intention for the day is to unleash the pent up energy and direct it, so you move from where you are to where you want to be.

This session will be conducted via Zoom video link or in person within a 30 mile radius of Rochester Kent.

To Book Email: Jude@Sadnesstosunsine.com

Sadness to Sunshine
Life after Loss 6 Month program

  Small intimate group of  8-10 parents @ £1995 pp 
or work with me 1-1 taking you through the program via 1-1 VIP Sessions @ £
3995 pp

   I have created this program to cover the core   areas that most bereaved parents struggle with.

  Month 1  Understanding your pain, first steps & 4 C`s solution.

  Month 2   Looking after YOU & transforming your resistant        thoughts & beliefs.

  Month 3  Changing how YOU feel & healing your soul.

  Month 4  Communication, support and your physical       environment.

  Month 5 Building Connection and enhancing YOUR       relationships with all those you love.

  Month 6 Create a new future & be happy again.  

  To make sure this is right for you,     please book a Clarity call with me.

I wasn’t really sure exactly what to expect from an EAM session, but Jude put me at ease straight away. She helps you identify the issues that are holding you back and then guides you through the entire process of releasing them.

 Jude is very patient in helping you get right to the bottom of any issues, so you can really ‘dig out the roots’. After the session, I started to notice I was more focused and that a number of things I had been procrastinating on suddenly came together – it wasn’t really a conscious change on my part, instead things just seemed to generally flow more easily.  It’s clear the Jude is dedicated to really helping people uncover & remove the blocks that are holding them back in life so they can move into a more positive future.

Lorenzo Guescini

I am so excited and amazed by Jude. She has taken this mission and dedicated herself to doing this work and sharing it with the world.

She made the courageous decision to help other parents who have lost a child, and suffered this most soul-destroying experience, by training to become an EAM Mentor. She continues to grow and expand in so many ways as she focuses on her new mission in life.

Her passion, excitement and dedication are incredible: She literally shines from the inside out, I can’t believe the woman she is now. It is like she has come back to life! When you meet Jude, you’ll see this inner glow, she has so much joy and zest about her again - all of which are contagious. I am so delighted that she has stepped into the role as an EAM mentor; I know she will be changing the lives of so many.

I have so much admiration for Jude and wish her every success as she shares this journey of ‘Sadness to Sunshine’ with you. Just trust her and follow the steps, as she is living proof that it IS possible to love those you have lost and still smile and enjoy your life again.

Yvette Taylor    Creator of The Energy Alignment Method – EAM ®